Couples Therapy

All relationships have problems. Some problems can be solved by developing better tools for communicating, understanding, and forgiving. Other problems are more ongoing, perhaps related to differences in personality or core values. Whether your problems are solvable or ongoing, they don't have to ruin your relationship. 

At Grace Behavioral Health, you and your partner will be treated equally and with respect for your unique perspectives. You each have strengths that can help repair your relationship. Dr. Pearce will help you to identify them and begin building a bridge back toward each other.

In couples therapy, partners can expect to:

  • Improve communication and understanding
  • Express and resolve past hurts
  • Manage ongoing problems
  • Heal from infidelity
  • Navigate challenges together
  • Set healthy boundaries

Don't wait for problems to arise! Couples benefit from a tune-up every couple of years, whether or not major issues are present. Relationships run better when problems are prevented rather than waiting for things to fall apart. (Think about the wisdom of getting a regular oil change, rather than waiting for your engine to fail.) Contact Grace Behavioral Health to schedule an appointment!