We believe that you are designed to be resilient, 
and that in every struggle there waits an opportunity to grow stronger.

We believe that people are designed to be resilient, and that in every adversity there waits an opportunity to grow stronger.

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, or perhaps you just haven’t felt like yourself in a long time. Your relationships are suffering, and you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. You might be wondering, “Is there hope for me?” At Grace Behavioral Health, you will find the compassion and skills you need to get back on track and make meaningful change in your life. Our licensed counselors offer outpatient treatment for a wide variety of ages and issues, including anxiety, mood/depression, postpartum issues, anger management, substance abuse, relationship problems, and more. We believe that hope grows in even the unlikeliest of places! Contact us by phone or email to get matched with a therapist today!